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2020 Conference Speakers
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CE: Credits: CE credits for each session are listed below. Attendees will be eligible to receive up to 9.5 CFP/CPA/CIMA CE + 4 TDI CE + 2 CFP Ethics based on sessions attended (note: certain sessions do not qualify for CFP CE). 








Wednesday, February 12: 8:30 - 9:50 AM



 Opening Keynote: The Inspirational Tipping Point



 Start Time: 8:30 AM  l  End Time: 9:50 AM

 Simon Reilly - Financial Advisor Coach, Founder, Leading Advisor, Inc. (view speaker bio)


You are a successful Financial Services Professional that is passionate about helping your clients to create a plan to grow assets, protect assets, save tax and leave a lifelong legacy. At the same time, you are creating a career of significance, becoming the best, passionate version of yourself. While you know exactly HOW & WHAT to do, you experience challenges with balance, complacency, delegation, fear, procrastination, qualification, rejection, stress, time and overwhelm, all of which crowd out action, confidence, commitment, consistency, energy, focus, inspiration, planning, practices, production, succession planning and vision. You are ready to increase your understanding; success is 10% about HOW & WHAT to do and 90% of success is about WHY you do what you do. You are ready to understand that there is nothing wrong; only an absence of understanding.


1.5 CPA, CIMA, NAPFA CE (Does not qualify for CFP CE)



Wednesday, February 12: 10:10 - 11:00 AM  [Breakout Sessions - Select One]



 The One Page Business Plan



 Start Time: 10:10 AM  l  End Time: 11:00 AM

 Simon Reilly - Financial Advisor Coach, Founder, Leading Advisor, Inc. (view speaker bio)



Consider a fresh, simple approach to business planning.

The One Page Business Plan™ will enable your Advisors to focus on what is important – a powerful tool for building and managing a business.  It’s short, it’s concise, and it delivers results quickly and effectively.  There can be no question as to where your Advisors business is headed when it is in writing, especially when they have the key essentials about growing their business clearly specified on a single page. Is this another ho-hum course on business planning like the ten others your Advisors have attended? No way!  Simon knows how to capture the essence of any business in just a few minutes using the innovative key word and short phrase techniques using the One Page Business Plan™.

Summary:  Achieving success in any economy requires developing a written plan expanding on the following six steps to maintain focus, to define where the business is going and how the business is going to get there:

Vision:  1) What are you building?
Mission:  2) Why does this business exist? 
Objectives:  3) What results will you measure?
Strategy:  4) How will you build this company?
Action Plans:  5) What is the work to be done?
Purpose:  6) How are you going to be?

1 CPA, CIMA, NAPFA CE (Does not qualify for CFP CE)




 Redefining Investment Advice: The Big Tease



 Start Time: 10:10 AM l End Time: 11:00 AM 
 Weston Wellington - VP, Dimensional Fund Advisors (view speaker bio)


Can professional researchers reliably identify investment opportunities for above-average gains? How helpful are financial journalists who seek to bring such “experts” to our attention? This presentation offers a light-hearted look at the world of conventional investment advice and suggests that ignoring the experts may be the most fruitful strategy of all.







 RIA Business Insurance



 Start Time: 10:10 AM  l  End Time: 11:00 AM
 Chad Ramberg - President, Box Financial Insurance, LLC (view speaker bio)


As an RIA, you are held to a fiduciary standard of care. This presentation works to demystify how business insurance can be used as a tool to transfer your risks by explaining key terms in plain English. Chad will walk you through the process of building a risk profile for your firm, reviewing your E&O insurance, and making sure you have the best business risk management plan. We will also review the current business insurance environment for RIA’s and examine what you can expect to find. Throughout the presentation Chad will pepper in examples of recent claims and techniques you can use to help minimize the potential for a claim, so you can avoid a nightmare situation. 


1 CPA, CIMA, NAPFA, TDI CE (Does not qualify for CFP CE)




Wednesday, February 12: 11:20 AM - 12:10 PM [Breakout Sessions - Select One]



 Blockchain: The One Ledger Solution?



 Start Time: 11:20 AM l End Time: 12:10 PM
 Lacey Shrum, JD - Founder, Smart Kx & Attorney, Vela Wood (view speaker bio)


Blockchain: the One Ledger Solution? In its 2008 whitepaper, bitcoin famously solved the “double-spend” problem for electronic cash and debuted blockchain technology.  This presentation will give a brief history of electronic cash, its reliance on cryptography over a trusted third party and what it means for our clients and practice.  Next, how blockchain will impact the advisors’ business both in managing accounts and operational efficiencies.  Finally, we will address cryptocurrencies, their characteristics and how advisors can navigate the conversation with their clients.






 Wealth Management Strategies:
 Maximizing the Value of 529 Plans to the Clients' Benefit in 2020



 Start Time: 11:20 AM  l  End Time: 12:10 PM
 Chris Stack, Esq. - Managing Consultant at (view speaker bio)

While 529 plans were originally designed to allow families to save and invest for college, there are many features that participants may benefit from in ways most are unaware of.  This presentation “turns the page” on 529s to explore their numerous benefits and the mechanics of how to maximize their value, particularly in light of the new tax laws.  Income tax, gift & estate tax, creditor protection, beneficiary flexibility and other features will be discussed.  It will present how the clients can get these numerous benefits for the cost of a mutual fund. The presentation will conclude with questions & answers. 





 Cybersecurity: How to Protect Yourself and Transfer the Risk



 Start Time: 11:20 PM l End Time: 12:10 PM
 Chad Ramberg - President, Box Financial Insurance, LLC (view speaker bio) & Steven Ryder - President, True North Networks (view speaker bio)



There is news almost every day of a data breach and at times it can be overwhelming.  This session will review information about current breaches and how you can reduce the likelihood of getting breached with some practical advice.  Additionally, an overview of cyber liability insurance, what is covered and what is not.  Lastly, what to do should your company experience an "incident", who to contact and steps to take to determine if it is determined the "incident" is indeed a "breach".





 Wednesday, February 12: 1:40 - 2:30 PM  [Breakout Sessions - Select One]



 The Client Service Model of the Future



 Start Time: 1:40 PM  l  End Time: 2:30 PM
 Jarrod Upton, CFP®, MBA, MS - Chief Operations & Senior Consultant, Herbers & Company (view speaker bio)


The Client Service model of an organization is what shapes, molds, and enhances a client’s experience.   There is no shortcut, alternative or way around designing a client experience to impact a growing advisory firm.  What does a future client want in their experience and in their advisor? The answer is empowering the team to be successful through a platform of engaging clients and tapping into what is important to them.  In this session you will learn what is trending and how to how design your Client Experience, Operational Experience and Team Design. 





 Advanced Buy-Sell Planning



 Start Time: 1:40 PM  l  End Time: 2:30 PM
 Matt Erpelding -  Director of Advanced Markets - Ash Brokerage

There are two advanced buy-sell plans that offer business owners the opportunity to leverage the best attributes from standard buy sell agreements. This presentation explores more sophisticated buy-sell planning techniques, how those plans work, and reviews talking points, graphs and success stories. We will also explore advanced planning options for business owners who want to consider alternative techniques for taking care of their key employees with more incentives.  We will cover four types of plans and how they work, along with success stories. 





 Entities & the Impact on Your Taxes Under the New Laws



 Start Time: 1:40 PM  l  End Time: 2:30 PM
 Sean Duncan, CPA -  President - SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC (view speaker bio)

Recently, the US government made the largest overhaul to the income tax laws since 1986.  Business owners are still learning what tax deductions and credits have been added and which ones have been taken away.  More importantly, many are considering full entity reorganization and restructuring to avoid increases in their taxes due as well as to capture the tax reduction opportunities created with these new laws.  Never before has proactive planning been more valuable to the business owner.   However, before one can plan, an understanding of what has changed is imperative.  This course is intended to give you an overview of the major changes to the tax laws surrounding business entity selection as well as touching upon the other major changes that impact the business owner.





Wednesday, February 12: 2:50 - 3:40 PM  [Breakout Sessions - Select One]



Should I Stay or Should I Go?....and Who Pays?


 Start Time: 2:50 PM l End Time: 3:40 PM

 Moderator: Britt Hemsell, Ruby Care Senior Living Advisors

 Panelist's: Brian Levy & Dean Krasovitsky, COO, Cambridge Caregivers / Manchester Place & Dr. Kyle Molen, MD, Baylor Healthcare System (view speaker bios)




Maneuvering through the options for long term care can be challenging for our clients.  Often unsure how to even start, our clients frequently come to us for advice on whether to age in home, find a facility, or seek out help from family.  And of course, how to cover the cost of their choice.  In this session our panel experts will explore the different long term care options, how their medical needs effect their options, questions to ask care providers, costs, funding, and the emotional side of this process.  It’s designed to provide a high level review on the various components that go into helping our clients lay out a plan for tackling long term care in the event they need this one day.






 Helping to Secure Your Clients' Retirement: Transforming Social Security Into Winning Strategies



 Start Time: 2:50 PM l End Time: 3:40 PM
 Chad Dziedzic - Director, BlackRock  (view speaker bio)

BlackRock's Social Security presentation will strive to help you understand why we believe Social Security is such an important part of the financial planning process. We are living longer, interest rates are near all-time lows and likely to stay low for many years. Sadly, the majority of our citizens claim benefits before they even reach full retirement age. Our fear is many people retiring today will run out of money in retirement.  We aim to help you have a clear understanding of benefit calculations and things to teach clients about reading their statement. Chad will provide you with our 4 point planning checklist to help you design a personalized strategy to optimize your client's benefits. Finally, we will walk through case studies and highlight how the BlackRock Social Security Web tool can help you. Chad will review the high benefit/no benefit, high/low and high/high cases. Chad will also discuss the fundamentals of spouse, ex-spouse and survivor benefits. We are excited for the opportunity to join the meeting and share the BlackRock Social Security resources with you.






 Turning Political Questions Into Productive Investing Dialogues



 Start Time: 2:50 PM l End Time: 3:40 PM

 Ben Phillips, CFA - Chief Investment Officer, EventShares (view speaker bio)

Actions in Washington D.C. can be a powerful leading indicator for investment returns. Changing rules and regulations often lead to new business opportunities and remake entire industries. While the opportunity to invest in policy trends exists, many professional investors and advisors are distracted by political noise. Learn how to direct an emotional conversation about politics into a productive investing dialogue.  EventShares connects government policy changes and regulation to capital markets. By thoroughly researching policy trends and the impacted subsectors, investors can uncover uncorrelated return opportunities. The research drives the systematic stock selection in the only policy-themed ETF globally, the U.S. Legislative Opportunities ETF (PLCY).   





Wednesday, February 12: 3:50 - 4:10 PM



 Start Time: 3:50 PM l End Time: 4:10 PM

During this time sponsors and exhibitors will draw names and announce the winners of the door prizes. Be sure to visit the sponsors for your chance to win!



Wednesday, February 12:  4:10 - 5:30 PM



 Closing Keynote: Positively Negotiate Work Drama:  How to Stop Complainers & Energy Drainers to Get More Done



 Start Time: 4:10 PM l End Time: 5:30 PM 

 Linda Swindling, JD, CSP - Negotiation Speaker, Author & Expert (Speaker Bio)



Constant complainers take up resources, time, and mental bandwidth in the workplace. When you change a culture of complainers to one of contributors, you boost morale, increase productivity, and promote effective communication. In short, you get more done with less drama. In this presentation, workplace communication expert Linda Swindling shares her expertise in negotiating tough situations at work and in life. Discover how to positively influence others to accomplish your purpose. Understand the reasons why people are creating drama so that you can diffuse conflicts and address problems productively. Linda uses scenarios, engaging questions, and original research to provide strategies that can be implemented immediately. 

1.5 CPA, CIMA, NAPFA CE (Does not qualify for CFP CE) 




Wednesday, February 12: 5:30 - 6:30 PM



  Post Conference Reception 



 Start Time: 5:30 PM l End Time: 6:30 PM


Join us in the exhibit hall for cocktails and networking sponsored by Caple Royalty Services





Thursday, February 13, 2020


Thursday, February 13: 6:50 - 8:40 AM 

Optional CFP ETHICS Session (2 CFP ETHICS CE)


Early Risers - Earn Your 2 CFP ETHICS CE!


Financial Planner's Ethical Success
(Registered through Financial Planning Institute, LLC)


 Start Time: 6:50 AM l End Time: 8:40 AM
 Jeff Rattiner, CPA, CFP®, MBA - President & CEO of Rattiner's Financial Planning Fast Track, Inc. & JR Financial Group, Inc.  (view speaker bio)


Financial Planner’s Ethical Success ® provides a practical approach to learning the ethical standards of professional conduct and responsibility in an interactive format through the use of real-life scenario cases. This session will:
- Review the new learning objectives

- Determine the elements of fiduciary standards and when they apply
- Provide guidelines to help you determine if financial planning or materials elements of financial planning are being provided
- Help you determine when to communicate potential conflicts of interest
- Explain compensation disclosure requirements to clients and potential clients
- Review, interpret, and apply the principles, rules, practice standards and other critical elements of the Standards of Professional Conduct


2 CFP Board of Standards Ethics CE

Attendee must arrive on time and attend the full session in order to qualify for 2 CFP Ethics CE credits. Attendees who arrive late or leave early will not be granted CE.


Thursday, February 13: 8:40 - 10:00 AM


 Keynote: Recent Developments in Estate & Trust Planning



 Start Time: 8:40 AM  l  End Time: 10:00 AM
 Samuel A. Donaldson, JD, LLM - Georgia State University College of Law (view speaker bio)


This informative and entertaining presentation will recap the important cases, rulings, regulations, and legislation from the past 12 months in the areas of federal income tax, federal wealth transfer tax, state income tax, wills, trusts, and estate administration. Specific topics to be addressed include the state income taxation of nonresident trusts, planning to minimize the impact of the $10,000 limitation on the deduction for state and local taxes, estate tax valuation cases, proposed anti-clawback regulations, and more.





Thursday, February 13: 10:20 - 11:10 AM  [Breakout Sessions - Select One]



 Use of Irrevocable Trust in Planning for Care Costs When There is Inadequate Long-Term Care Insurance or Income



 Start Time: 10:20 AM l End Time: 11:10 AM
 Michael B. Cohen, JD,  Michael B. Cohen & Associates (view speaker bio)

As the population continues to age, the cost of care continues to rise while less Americans are buying long-term care insurance policies. Some Americans simply can't afford the premiums, some fail underwriting and some are simply too old to qualify. The purpose of this presentation is to explain the use and strategies for asset preservation permitted by various governmental rules to obtain or retain public assistance. The planning is different for clients depending on the benefit sought as there are over 40 Medicaid programs in Texas. The planning with irrevocable trusts for Veteran benefits is different than it is for Medicaid.  Furthermore, sometimes it is best to have a Will with a testamentary trust (such as a special needs trust) and sometimes it is best to use irrevocable trusts so that assets won't "count" for government "means-tested" programs.   This gives the advisor the ability (depending on the facts) to perhaps retain a portfolio and invest as desired by the client in case the client needs long-term care such as a dementia-related disease instead of simply spending down all resources to obtain eligibility. Tax issues are also considered.                  






 Social Security Explained



 Start Time: 10:20 AM l End Time: 11:10 AM
 Larry W. Burgess, CFP® - Financial Advisor, Shea & McMurdie Financial  (view speaker bio)

This presentation will prepare advisors to better educate and serve their clients with respect to Social Security.  Advisors will learn about the following:


• The financial security of the Social Security system

• How Social Security benefits are calculated

• How to determine the optimal time to apply

• How Spousal, Divorced Spouse and Survivor benefits work

• How Social Security benefits are taxed

• The impact on benefits of starting before Full Retirement Age while still working

• How the Government Pension Offset and the Windfall Elimination Period affect some claimants

• When a person can use a "restricted application" to collect more benefits

• When a person can repay benefits and reapply later to correct a filing error


Advisors will learn from 10 years of practical experience of a Social Security expert and hear real-life examples of improved outcomes, meaningful client engagement and business development opportunities.






 It's STILL All About the Benjamin's
 How to Successfully Complete a 2020 SEC Exam & Avoid Costly SEC Findings, Client Refunds, and Arbitration/Litigation Proceedings



 Start Time: 10:20 AM l End Time: 11:10 AM
 Thomas Giachetti, Esq. - Shareholder, Stark & Stark  (view speaker bio)


Mr. Giachetti's presentation addresses how to protect your pocketbook:  "It's STILL All About the Benjamins! How to Successfully Complete a 2020 SEC Exam and Avoid Costly SEC Findings, Client Refunds and Arbitration/Litigation Proceedings" will address the regulatory and practice protection issues necessary for investment advisers to successfully navigate an SEC exam, and avoid costly client litigation/arbitration matters. Among the topics Mr. Giachetti will address are new regulatory focus issues, important of full disclosure, how to properly address conflicts of interest.





Thursday, February 13: 11:30 AM - 12:20 PM [Breakout Sessions - Select One]




 Personal Financial Planning for Divorce



 Start Time: 11:30 AM l End Time: 12:20 PM
 Jeff Rattiner, CFP®, CPA, MBA - President & CEO of Rattiner's Financial Planning Fast Track, Inc. & JR Financial Group, Inc.  (view speaker bio)

Divorce is one of the most devastating occurrences for your clients. Many times our clients are not thinking clearly during the process, and by the time they realize it, it could be too late! Join Course presenter Jeff Rattiner, CPA, CFP®, as he prepares a path for your clients to pursue by thinking through the critical and timely decisions that must be made. This session will deal with the pitfalls one faces pre- and post-divorce and solutions that can be used to address these existing and future weaknesses. Issues such as valuation, retirement, business valuation and succession, splitting assets and income, pre-nup and post-nup agreements, and the re-evaluation of goals after the divorce becomes final will be covered from financial and tax standpoints.






 How Earnings Growth Throughout the Lifecycle Impacts Retirement Savings Strategies



 Start Time: 11:30 AM  l  End Time: 12:20 PM

 Derek Tharp, Ph.D, CFP®, CLU - Asst. Professor of Finance at USM; Financial Planner at Conscious Capital; Lead Researcher at (view speaker bio)

This presentation examines how earnings growth throughout the lifecycle impacts retirement savings strategies. Specifically, traditional earnings growth assumptions utilized in safe savings rate analyses are compared to actual Social Security data on earnings growth across the lifecycle. This comparison reveals that typical assumptions of constant real earnings often understates income growth in earlier years, while overstating income growth in later years. As a result, assumptions regarding both saving during one’s working years and spending during retirement may not accurately reflect the outcomes that are most likely. Accounting for more realistic earnings curves results in lower “safe” savings rates than research has typically indicated—particularly among lower income Americans. Typical assumptions also fail to account for the potential to capture greater earnings growth as one’s savings increase, as well as the decline in retirement savings need that corresponds with declining earl earnings experienced in late, pre-retirement years.






 Current Strategies & Options for Health Insurance: Medicare, Individual, Small Group, Travel & Student Insurance



 Start Time: 11:30 AM l End Time: 12:20 PM
 Sharon R. Luker, CFP®, MBA - Owner, LTC Planning Consultants  (view speaker bio)


This course will look at all facets of health insurance.  It will outline some of the changes that happened in January 2020 when the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act 2015 (MACRA) went into effect. Changes to Medicare Supplements, Advantage plans and the newly offered Medical Saving Account (MSA) will be discussed. The course will expose some current holes in Medicare and what solutions are out there to cover them.  It will show how to handle Medicare if your clients are still working at age 65. Different options for individual health plans (under 65) will be illustrated such as the ACA plans, short term plans, level benefit plans and the faith- based plans. Small group options will be looked at including self-funded plans. Lastly, current options in travel insurance and student college plans will be discussed.  This talk will be of an advanced nature assuming the attendees have basic knowledge of these areas. 





Thursday, February 13: 1:40 - 2:30 PM  [Breakout Sessions - Select One]



 Financial Therapy: Identifying Client Emotional & Relationship Issues That Prevent Successful Money Management


 Start Time: 1:40 PM l End Time: 2:30 PM
 Shellee Henson, MS, LMFT, LSOTP - Financial Therapy Associates of Dallas, Inc.  (view speaker bio)

Financial Therapy is an emerging field combining financial planning and counseling/therapy.   Financial Therapists help clients whose emotional and/or relationship issues are preventing them from achieving their financial goals.  This presentation will familiarize attendees with some of the “behind the numbers” reasons individuals find themselves in a financial bind they can’t seem to get out of, such as decisions the person made as a child about how to be successful.  Attendees will also learn how couples’ money issues often reflect their relationship struggles.  The presenter will offer suggestions on how to get the whole picture from the clients and how to incorporate that information into their financial plans.  She will illustrate her points with stories about her clients, and attendees will have the opportunity to ask questions about their own clients.





 Does Integrity Get In the Way: Practice Standards Update


 Start Time: 1:40 PM l End Time: 2:30 PM
 Craig Lemoine, CFP®, PhD - Director, University of Illinois Financial Planning Program @HigherEdCraig  (view speaker bio)

Financial planning is rarely zero sum games. Generally, all of our clients can meet their goals. But what happens when we have a zero sum game? When one client wins at the expense of another, or when one client manipulates a system to better their family? What is the role of a fiduciary in education planning, when zero sum games are crucial to the financial aid process? This presentation will deliver an intermediate overview of education planning while diving into classic zero sum games and the role of a financial planner and fiduciary with these constraints. 





 Financial Feminism: Women, Money, Wealth & Legacy


 Start Time: 1:40 PM l End Time: 2:30 PM

 Roslyn Dawson Thompson - President/CEO, Texas Women's Foundation (view speaker bio) &
 Sonja Borda, CFP®, CDFA™ - BakerAvenue Wealth Management (view speaker bio)


This session will explore women’s relationship with money; the implications of the looming $30 trillion wealth transfer to women over the next three to four decades; women’s unique motivations and approaches to investing, building wealth and sustaining a legacy; and how the explosion in opportunities and options for impact investing with a gender lens addresses these issues.  






Thursday, February 13: 2:50 - 3:40 PM  [Breakout Sessions - Select One]



 SECURE Act Overview & Implications


 Start Time: 2:50 PM l End Time: 3:40 PM

 Keith R. Pyle, JD, Latitude Retirement  (view speaker bio)

During this presentation, we will review the provisions of the SECURE Act and discuss various implications for advisors. This Act broadly touches many aspects of all types of retirement plans. In particular, we will review the implications to the various types of retirement plans.  The multiple employer plan landscape could be changed significantly, presenting new opportunities for advisors and advisory firms. Changes to eligibility and automatic enrollment provisions could impact plan design considerations.  We will explore how changes to the safe harbor and plan implementation rules can offer more flexibility for employers implementing retirement plans. Many of the changes will be a positive change for employers and employees, but we'll look at potential administrative implications as well. 





 Financial Aid: Information, Myths & Tricks


 Start Time: 2:50 PM l End Time: 3:40 PM

 Melissa Horadam, Founder, Melissa Horadam College Consulting  (view speaker bio)

As we all know, higher-education is, for lack of a better term, a big ol’ mess right now. Nobody thinks college is affordable, yet diploma inflation is making it more prudent than ever to enroll. You want to help families through the process, but how do you explain a system that is so determined to be broken and mutates faster than a flu virus? This presentation will cover the basics of how financial aid is calculated for dependent undergraduate students, how it is disbursed by colleges, and how it is misunderstood by most people. In-state colleges are always more affordable than out-of-state ones, right? WRONG! Only low-income kids get generous scholarships, right? NOPE! Kids should just “boot-strap” their way through college by flipping burgers, right? NO! That’s not a thing anymore! I will help you understand how to navigate your families through financial aid strategy to maximize their chances of a high return on investment...without treating children like widgets or delving into murky unethical waters. 





 Beyond the Math: The Four Phases of Successful Transaction Beyond "How Much Is My Firm Worth"


 Start Time: 2:50 PM l End Time: 3:40 PM

 Shannon O'Toole, Chief Talent Officer - Buckingham Strategic Wealth (view speaker bio)


Over the past several years, Buckingham Strategic Wealth has accrued and shared a considerable amount of experience helping advisors think about, plan for and achieve successful continuity. Advisors need to be aware of the emotional considerations that sellers should be aware of for themselves, staff and clients. This session will help you attendees gain a better understanding of owner and client readiness in the succession process and how to identify who to work with and what success looks like. Additionally, this session will describe how to go over the process, determine the plan and how both will impact clients.  





Thursday, February 13: 3:50 - 4:10 PM



 Start Time: 3:50 PM  l  End Time: 4:10 PM 

During this time sponsors and exhibitors will draw names and announce the winners of the door prizes.  Visit the sponsor booths for chances to win great prizes!



Thursday, February 13: 4:10 - 5:30 PM



 Closing Keynote: To Stop a Warlord: My Story of Grace, Justice & the Fight for Peace



 Start Time: 4:10 PM  l  End Time: 5:30 PM 

 Shannon Sedgwick Davis - CEO of Bridgeway Foundation & Tammira Philippe, CFA - President & CEO of Bridgeway Capital Management




Late one night in the summer of 2010, Shannon Sedgwick Davis—a lawyer, human rights advocate, and Texas mom to two young boys—met with a Ugandan general to discuss an unconventional plan to stop Joseph Kony, a murderous warlord who’d terrorized communities in four countries across Central and East Africa with his Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA). Her memoir is the first time she tells the story in its entirety of how she, Bridgeway Capital Management's charitable foundation she leads, and a multitude of local unsung heroes, dedicated individuals, and philanthropists came together and wrote a playbook to stop injustice on an unprecedented scale.  


This closing keynote session will inspire deep listening, lively discussion, and thoughtful action as we strive toward a world with more justice, accountability and peace while working as a team to do great things.



Does not qualify for CE


Shannon Sedgwick Davis is the President and CEO of the Bridgway Foundation.  The charitable giving arm of Bridgeway Capital Management.  An attorney, activist, and advocate for social justice, Shannon is a well-known strategist engaged in  promoting peace and ending human atrocities across the globe.  


Shannon is the recipient of various Philanthropic awards such as Baylor Law Young Lawyer of the Year 2011, Nomi Network's 2014 Abolitionist Award, 2014 Rotary Club's Outstanding Young San Antonian and Saving Innocence's 2016 Global Rights Hero Award. 


Shannon previously served as Vice-President of Geneva Global, and Director of Public Affairs at International Justice Mission.  She currently services on the advisory council of the Elders and is a board member of several organizations including Humanity United, charity:water, The Bar Saves Lives, Verdant Frontiers, Virunga Fund, Inc., and formerly, TOMS LLC.



























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